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The services on this website are made possible by the time, effort and donations of the membership of the N.O.D.

Contributions are welcome from those who wish to voluntarily support this international work.

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The New Order of Druids is a non-profit organisation. This means that it is the work of volunteers only, and all financial income from membership fees, sales, donations or otherwise is solely used to cover the expenses of our website, software, fees, insurances, and so on. This means that the New Order of Druids could not exist without the support of you, the members. 

If you wish to contribute and help the New Order of Druids out one way or another, then please consider some of these options:

- Upgrade your membership
- Regularly post content of interest on the Circle Forums
- Follow us on social media
- Become a writer for the Oran Mor e-zine
- Apply to become a mentor of a course (once you have completed the course)
- Consider making a donation to the New Order of Druids (see details below)

Even by just being an active and participating member of the N.O.D. community, you're already contributing!

Thank you for your support!

Donate to the New Order of Druids

You can donate to the New Order of Druids, for any amount of your choosing, by making payment with one of the two following methods:

With Paypal:

Click the link below:

With bank transfer to:

IBAN: BE11 7795 9399 0648
Bank: Belfius Bank sa/nv, Pachecolaan 44, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

(put "donation" in the description)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get tax refunds for your donation.

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