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Nemetons - Local branches of the New Order of Druids

Image "There is a Gallo-Brittonic word nemeton which is used for a shrine or sanctuary in a sense that implies a sacred grove or clearing in a wood. The word is cognate with the Latin nemus, the primary sense of which (like that of lucus) is not so much a wood as a wood with a clearing in it, or the clearing itself within a grove..."
Extract from The Druids by Stuart Piggott

In short, an NOD Nemeton is a sacred grove, or gathering, of members. Aside from being a Celtic online community, the New Order of Druids also aspires to set up local Nemetons in different countries throughout the world, with the intention of bringing people closer to each other and organise meetings of members that live in the same area. 

Below you can browse the map for any Nemeton in your area. If there is no Nemeton in your area, however, you could consider joining an E-Nemeton or consider starting your own Nemeton.

Nemetons Map


NERVII NEMETON: Lughnasadh ritueel op Meire M'orough

Jammer genoeg zal er dit jaar geen 11de editie komen van het Keltisch folkfestival Meire M'orough, waar de New Order of Druids jaarlijks op aanwezig was met een info-stand en het Lughnasadh ritueel. Bijgevolg zal er dit jaar naar alle waarschijnlijkheid ook geen Lughnasadh ritueel worden voorzien door ons.  Onze excuses hiervoor.

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