1. I was once known as Gwion but after accidentally tasting 3 drops of Cerridwn's cauldron, I was reborn as another. Who was it?

b) Merlin
c) Taliesin

2. This character drew the sword from the stone and won the battle of Badon. Who was it?

a) King Vortigern
b) King Arthur
c) Merlin

3. I am the wife of a famous king and the lover of an equally famous knight. Who am I?

a) Guinevere
b) Lady of the Lake
c) Queen Boudicca

4. This powerful character owned a harp and a cauldron. Who was it?

a) The Dagda
b) King Arthur
c) Taliesin

5. As a young boy he discovered the reason why King Vortigern's castle couldn't be built.

a) Lancelot
b) Merlin
c) Taliesin

6. This character became wise after tasting a magical salmon. Do you know his name?

a) Finnegas
b) Cerridwen
c) Fionn

7. I have a famous half-brother who was once the High King of Britain and who died in the Battle of Camlann. Who am I?

a) Lady of the Lake
b) Morgan Le Fay
c) Queen Boudicca

8. I gave my name to a Celtic festival and led the Tuatha De Danann in the battle against the Fomorians in the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh. Who am I?

a) Lugh
b) Bel
c) Brigid

9. This brave knight fought the Green Knight and earned himself a place at King Arthur's Round Table. Who was it?

a) Gawain
b) Lancelot
c) Percival
10. I'm the nephew of a king and I fell in love with his wife after we drank a love potion. In 2006 a movie was made about it! Who am I?

a) King Arthur
b) Lancelot
c) Tristan

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