How much do you really know about Celts and Druids? The test below is for yourself, to see how much you already know about it. You need to have at least 60% right to consider having passed the test. Please do not cheat by searching elsewhere for the answers while you take the test, you will only cheat yourself - this test is for yourself, not for us. The results of this test are not sent to us, nor saved on the server anywhere.

1) The "Hallstatt" period in Celtic history, is called after:

a) A place in Austria called Hallstatt where Celtic burial graves were discovered.
b) An Austrian archaeologist called Hallstatt who discovered the earliest Celtic objects.
c) The German word for a Celtic "royal hall" that was discovered.
d) The location of a battle between the Celtic and Germanic tribes that lived in that period.

2) What name did the Greek first give to the Celtic tribes in Europe?

a) Gauls
b) Celtai
c) Keltoi
d) Galatians

3) Which one of the Celtic languages below, does NOT belong to the P-Celtic language group?

a) Breton
b) Cornish
c) Welsh
d) Scottish

4) A Celtic torc was a

a) Weapon
b) Tool
c) Religious symbol
d) Jewel

5) What is an oppidum?

a) A Celtic grave.
b) A Celtic temple.
c) A Celtic settlement.
d) A Roman settlement.

6) Which tribe does NOT belong to the Belgae?

a) Atrebates
b) Allobroges
c) Eburonii
d) Nervii

7) Which Belgic tribe did Ambiorix belong to?

a) Eburonii
b) Menapii
c) Nervii
d) Remi

8) What is a "Triskele"?

a) A Celtic tool used during farming.
b) A religious object used by the Druids.
c) A Celtic symbol.
d) A Celtic Weapon

9) What is a bodhran?

a) A Celtic harp.
b) A Celtic drum.
c) A Celtic weapon.
d) A Celtic altar.

10) What is an Ovate?

a) A Druid priest.
b) A poet.
c) A diviner.
d) A Scribe.

11) On what date does Celtic New Year fall?

a) January 1st
b) May 1st (Beltane)
c) August 1st (Lughnasadh)
d) November 1st (Samhain)

12) Which British God is NOT one of the children of Don and Beli?

a) Afallach
b) Arianhrod
c) Govannon
d) Mabon

13) The British God Amaethon was a

a) Sea God
b) God of Agriculture
c) God of Blacksmiths
d) God of War

14) Which name is NOT attributed to Afallach?

a) Avaon
b) Avalloc
c) Evelake
d) Fisher King

15) What is the original name of Merlin?

a) Merlyn
b) Myrddin
c) Merlinus
d) Merdinus

16) Who is the patron Celtic saint of Wales?

a) St. Patrick
b) St. David
c) St. Samson
d) St. Gildas

17) Where do the Scottish people originally come from?

a) Scotland
b) Wales
c) Ireland
d) Scandinavia

18) What is the traditional date of the beginning of the Milesian genealogies in Ireland?

a) 1700 BC
b) 1699 BC
c) 1472 BC
d) 1268 BC

19) What is the Irish word for "Bard"?

a) Duir
b) Barddas
c) Vate
d) Fili

20) What is Tir Nan Og?

a) A Celtic God in Ireland
b) A Celtic Kingdom in Ireland
c) A Celtic afterlife place
d) 4. A hillfort where the Irish king would have his royal seat

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