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Oran Mór - Celtic E-Zine

(only for Upgraded Members)

What is the Oran Mór?

The Oran Mór is the quarterly E-Zine published by the New Order of Druids vzw/npo. Its focus is on all aspects of Druidry, with articles, essays, and poems.  The Oran Mór includes regular columns such as:  

  • * Events
  • * A Word from the Council
  • * NoD News/Druid news
  • * A Word from the College
  • * News from the Groves
  • * Celtic related articles
  • * Spirituality-related articles
  • * Season-related articles
  • * Family corner

 In our Oran Mór editions, you will find full length articles on subjects such as Celtic Mythology, Tribe and Land, Celtic History, the Ancestors, Sacred Places, and much more.

When does the Oran Mór E-Zine appear?

We release four editions per year, each time on one of the High Celtic Festivals. In other words: February 1 (the Imbolc edition), May 1 (Beltane), August 1 (Lughnasadh) and November 1 (Samhain). Each edition contains seasonal information for that time of the year, or information about the related Celtic festival.

How can you download the Oran Mór?

The Oran Mór editions are available to download for the following groups of people:

- Upgraded Members (see below for more information)
- Council members
- Contributors of articles, poetry, artwork, etc... (only for the edition their contribution appears in, and former editions, not later editions unless they contribute again)

Are you curious what the Oran Mór E-Zine is REALLY all about? Why not have a look?
We offer one free download of a previous edition, available to all free members of NOD. You can find it at the bottom of this page!

The Oran Mór comes in a PDF format, for which you need the Acrobat Reader (if you don't have it, you can download it from the Acrobat site for free). We do not send the PDF file as an attachment in an email to you, due to its large size (often around 5 MB and sometimes larger), but instead offer you to download it directly from our website. To download it, you can click the link on top of this page. 

Access for Upgraded Members:
By upgrading your account for one or two years, you will automatically obtain access to the Oran Mór download section. This access will remain available to you for as long as your upgraded membership remains active. This means that, for example, with a one year member you can download 4 editions that year, and in addition you will have access to the downloads of all previous editions, all the way back to the very first edition ever!

For more information about upgrading your account, please CLICK HERE.

Join the Writer's Team! 

Why not join the Oran Mór Writer's Team and get an upgraded membership for free? Read about the advantages and requirements by CLICKING HERE.

If you're wondering what all the Oran Mór is really about, we invite you to download a previous edition below (you need to be logged in first):


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