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Contributions are welcome from those who wish to voluntarily support this international work.

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Oran Mór Writer's Team

The Oran Mór quarterly Celtic E-Zine has its own Writer's Team, and you could be part of it too! In return, we offer a free upgraded membership.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people who are willing to contribute/write articles for the Oran Mór Celtic E-Zine. The idea is that you contribute at least one article per edition (which amounts to 4 times a year). Each time, the article should be at least 500 words long. Naturally, these articles should deal with relevant subjects concerning Celtic/Druid history, mythology, spirituality, and so on.

What do you get in return?

We offer a free upgraded membership, containing all standard privileges except for a membership card, introduction booklet and diploma. This means that you have access to, among other things:

- Downloads of all previous Oran Mór editions
- Standard online courses with mentor
- Specialisation Courses with mentor
- Advanced Placement Program of the Druid College

If you are already upgraded at this time, it will continue until it expires, and then you will receive your new upgrade as member of the Oran Mór Writer's Team. This upgrade will remain for as long as you are an active member of the Writer's Team.

How do you join the Writer's Team?

Please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and write that you are interested to join the Writer's Team. Include basic information such as your full name and your NOD username. Also send in a first article of your own writing, that contains at least 500 words. You can apply at any time of your choosing.

The editor will review your request and your article, and based on that decide whether or not your article will be published in the next edition of the Oran Mór. If it is accepted and published, you will enter a probation period. During that period, you will not yet be upgraded, but you will receive access to the Oran Mór download section (meaning that you can also download all previous editions). Your probation will contain a period of two successive Oran Mór editions, after which the editor will make an evaluation and decide whether you may join the Writer's Team at that point. This means that the probation period means that you have to hand in two articles of each minimum 500 words, to be published in successive editions.

What if you want to contribute poems, artwork or shorter articles?

Naturally, we still welcome contributions of various kinds. You are welcome to send in any related poems and artwork, as well as articles shorter than 500 words. However, with that you will not be able to apply for membership of the Oran Mór Writer's Team. This means you will not be eligible for an upgraded membership, but you will nonetheless have access to the editions that contain your contributions, as well as previous editions.



The Oran Mór is an e-magazine which is published quarterly on the N.O.D. website. Access to the download section of the Oran Mór section, for the latest edition as well as previous editions, comes as part of an upgraded membership. Members who volunteer articles, poems, artwork or other contributions, will also get access to the download section. Two types of contributors are distinguished:


  1. Infrequent contributors, and contributors who supply non-articles

    With "infrequent contributor" is understood that a member offers a contribution of any kind to the Oran Mor, without any obligation to do so again for the next edition(s). This doesn't necessarily mean the member won't contribute again to some successive editions, but there is no guarantee or obligation to do so.

    With "contributors who supply non-articles" is understood that a member offers a contribution that is not in the form of an article that contains at least 500 words. It could refer to, for example, poems, drawings, short articles, or other artwork.

    In both cases as described above, recompensation is given by offering temporary access to the download section of the Oran Mor, for the duration of 3 months (until the next edition is released). This duration will be extended if the member contributes during successive editions. Access is only given if the Oran Mór editor decides to publish the contribution.

  2. Oran Mór writer's team members

    Here is understood that a member commits him- or herself to contributing articles, containing at least 500 words, on a frequent basis. Recompensation is given in the form of an upgraded membership (excluding membership card, introduction booklet and diploma, see under §3) for the duration of the membership in the writer's team.

    Requirements of the writer's team are as follows:

    1. Join procedure:

      In order to join the writer's team, the candidate needs to provide an article of at least 500 words during at least two successive editions. The articles need to be approved for publishing by the editor in order to qualify. During that period, the candidate gets the same privileges as an infrequent contributor (access to the Oran Mór download section).

      The editor decides whether the candidate will be accepted in the writer's team or not, even if two articles of at least 500 words each are published successively. As such, the editor may choose to accept the candidacy, extend the probation period with another month (and so so more than once), or reject the application.

    2. Membership responsibilities:

      A member of the writer's team is expected to deliver at least one article of minimum 500 words per edition, that is found fit for publishing by the editor.

      If a member of the writer's team is for any reason unable to meet a deadline, they are expected to notify the editor as soon as possible.

      If a member requires an extended leave of absence for any reason, they should also need to notify the editor as soon as possible. In that case, their upgraded membership will be halted for the duration of their absence. Upon their return, the upgrade will be activated again, and the member can resume their responsibilities without needing to apply again or enter a new probation period, but only if their return is within 1 year. If the return occurs after a longer time than 1 year, the editor determines whether or not a new probation period is required.

      If a member of the writer's team misses two deadlines, or the quality of the delivered articles does not meet the editor's criteria (and are therefore not published) during two successive editions, he or she is removed from the writer's team and the upgraded membership is halted.

      If a member of the writer's team decides to leave the team for any reason, they should notify the editor as soon as possible.

  3. Upgraded membership

    Upgraded membership is given to members of the writer's team, for the duration of that membership. The upgrade includes all online services, but not the membership card, introduction booklet, and diploma of completed courses.

    If a member is already upgraded through payment, the upgrade remains as is and no refunds are given. When the upgrade expires, it will be reactivated for the duration of the membership of the writer's team.

    Paid upgraded members who also a member of the writer's team, but decide to leave the team or are removed from it by the editor, will retain their upgraded membership for the remainder of the normal duration of a paid upgrade.

    When a writer's team upgrade that overlaps a paid upgrade, the remainder of the paid upgrade will not be annexed when the member leaves the writer's team, except if the paid upgrade would still be valid had the member not been part of the writer's team.


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