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Lady Angel Christian Bards

ladyangelchristianbardsdLady Angel Christian Bards is a Vernemeton of the New Order of Druids, located in Topeka, Kansas (USA)

Website:  http://groupspaces.com/LadyAngelChristianBardsLadyAng/ 



A Lady Angel Christian Bard is a follower of God and Jesus Christ and we honor nature as God's creation. Our mission is to spread the word of God to women, and our mission is to show other Christian women that God is our creator and that he created all things. We represent a group of women who honor nature as God's creation through our bardic order.

We do performing, praise dancing, crafts, art and storytelling. We also want to share the beauty of this Earth that our Creator, created for us to live and breath on as humans. We also express sharing the love of Jesus with other people. We also practice herbal healing and flower essences for aromatherapy and spiritual healing through Jesus our Healer.

We meet at The Burger Stand at College Hill on 16th and lane the first Sunday of every month. We are a ministry of women followers of God and Jesus Christ and in the inner circle which is Lady Angel Christian Bards'/Lady Angels' Grove we honor nature as God's creation because he created this beautiful Earth. We do performing, arts, crafts, storytelling, Godly devotionals for women and praise dancing for our May Day Festival, Summer Solstice Festival and Winter Solstice Festival. In the outer circle we do Godly devotionals for women and crafts, the outer circle is welcome at the inner circle festivals listed above.


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