What is a Nemeton or Vernemeton?


The word "Nemeton" is related to Nemetona, the Celtic goddess of sacred groves. In other words, a nemeton is a sacred place located at a grove in a forest. The word "Vernemeton" was derived from this, and is found in the same Roman name for Willoughby-on-the-Wolds in Nottinghamshire, UK. Because of its rich meaning, the New Order of Druis decided to apply this term to our "groves", or local Druid groups.

In essence, a Nemeton is a local group associated with NOD. The most prominent one is the so-called mothergrove in Belgium, called Nervii Nemeton. Local groups hold meetings and gatherings, as well as seasonal rituals or ceremonies to which members (and often also non-members) can attend.

The New Order of Druids makes an distinction between Nemetons and Vernemetons, in that Vernemetons are loosely affiliated groups and Nemetons are closely affiliated groups adhering to more stricter requirements. In addition, there are also E-Nemetons, or groups that communicate primarily online in e.g. discussion groups or mailing lists.

A list of available nemetons can be found on our website at Nemetons.


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