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Updates on college certificates and NOD Circles

We would like to inform you about a few changes and updates within the New Order of Druids.

The first update is of interest to all students of the Bardic, Ovate and Druid courses in the Grove of Dana online Druid college. As of now, it will be possible to request a certificate for completed courses in both digital and printed format. The printed version is available only to upgraded members, as it was already the case before, but the digital version is available to all members, including the free ones.

Note that digital certificates are only available for free members if your date of course completion took place on or after September 1, 2014. For upgraded members, this date is extended to July 2007 (for both the printed and digital formats). You can read all the information and requirements at this link:


The second update concerns a decision we have had to make in relation to the NOD Circles (work groups). Due to prolongued inactivity in all existing groups, it has been decided to close down these circles. The discussion topics that were posted in the related forums, however, will not be lost as they have been moved into the nearest relevant general forum (mostly The Druid Inn and The Celtic Cauldron, depending on the subject). We regret having to make this decision, but we hope to count on your participation in various other topics of interest in the general forums.

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