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New NOD Vernemeton: Grove of the White Oak

The New Order of Druids is slowly but surely growing. We are happy to announce that a new Vernemeton - local grove of NOD - has recently been created.

We would like to welcome the Grove of the White Oak, a Vernemeton in Asheville, North Carolina, USA! If you live in the western NC area, east Tennessee or upstate South Carolina, you might be interested in joining, either formally or informally. The Vernemeton focuses upon Bardic and Druidic studies, and on celebration of the seasonal high days of the year. The Grove of the White Oak will be officially consecrated at Beltaine this year.

For more information about the Grove of the White Oak, you can visit their website:


Or read more about it on the NOD website: http://www.druidcircle.org/druid/index.php/en/nemetons/find-a-local-nemeton/240-grove-of-the-white-oak

We wish founder Finn the best of luck with this new Vernemeton, which is now the third local grove of the New Order of Druids. The other two are:

* Lady Angel Christian Bards, a grove inspired by Christian Druidism located in Topeka, Kansas: http://www.druidcircle.org/druid/index.php/en/nemetons/find-a-local-nemeton/232-lady-angel-christian-bards

* Nervii Nemeton, mothergrove of NOD located in Antwerp, Belgium: http://www.druidcircle.org/druid/index.php/en/nemetons/find-a-local-nemeton/190-nervii-nemeton


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