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New book: King Arthur and the 'Gods' of the Round Table

We thought you might be interested to know that a new book has been released by David Dom, the founder of the New Order of Druids.

The book is called 'King Arthur and the Gods of the Round Table'. As the title implies, this book is not about investigating King Arthur's historical origins, but rather about his origins as a Solar God in the sky, at the head of the Celtic pantheons of both Wales and Ireland. What if Arthur's legendary 'Twelve Battles' are really the twelve Zodiac signs through which the sun travels throughout the year? And what if the Knights of the Round Table are mortal memories of ancient Celtic gods - of Wales and Ireland? Even the Ladies of Camelot, such as Queen Guinevere and Morgan Le Fay, can in fact be retraced to their origins as ancient Goddesses of the earth. The survival of these gods and goddesses in Arthurian legend stands as a shining testament of a story far more ancient, but by no means lost to us...

The book is currently available for purchase from Lulu.com at this link:


If you are interested in purchasing a signed copy, please contact the author directly. You can do so on this related website and/or Facebook page:

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/kingarthurandgodsofroundtable/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/King-Arthur-and-the-Gods-of-the-Round-Table/481260768578329

The author's thanks goes out to a few people for their valuable help to complete this book:

- Narcissa Mia for the cover artwork and Jules Mather for editing/correcting, both esteemed members of N.O.D.
- Karen Han for revising/correcting, head of the 'Arthurian Myths and Legends' Yahoo discussion group
- Yuri Leitch for his foreword, he is the author of 'Signs & Secrets of the Glastonbury Zodiac'

We hope you will consider to purchase this book and that you will find its contents to your liking!

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