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New course: Becoming Aware

We are happy to announce that today, we have launched a new course by the name "Becoming Aware".  Most people spend their lives cocooned within themselves with a never ending litany of words going on in their minds to the point where they lose sense of the world around them. This can create feelings of isolation, yet it is mostly self imprisonment. This course is designed to bring you awareness of the world around you by simply re learning how to use the senses and how to listen to the messages they bring.

This course can be taken separately from any of the other courses (you don't need to have completed another course first).  We do recommend that, if you are taking any of our Druid courses, the "Becoming Aware" course will be a worthy supplement, and it will also help build up a vital connection.

The "Becoming Aware" course is only available to Upgraded Members. This also means that students in this course will be assigned a mentor who will guide them through the course. If you are not an upgraded member yet, check out this URL to find out what the benefits are of an upgraded account:


You can enrol in the "Becoming Aware" course right away at this URL (make sure you are logged in first):

(scroll down until you see "Becoming Aware Course" and click "Join course with mentor" on the right)

We would like to give special thanks to Kirsten Ellis aka Karayana, former NOD Council Member and founder of "Indigo Readings". Kirsten is the author of this course and will also be your mentor upon enrolling.  You are invited to check out her own website as well at: http://www.indigoreadings.co.uk/

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