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On the top menu, go to "Home" and then to "Join us!".

The next page you see will explain the differences between a free and upgraded membership. You do not have to make this choice yet until after you are registered. You only need to click the "Join us" button below.

Now you will see a form which you need to fill out completely. Please note that you can't change your username (login name) once you have created your account. You will, however, be able to change your "display name" (which is what other members will get to see) at any time you wish.

Once you have submitted the registration form, you will receive an e-mail which contains an "activation link". You need to click this link (or copy & paste it in your browser) in order to activate your account. Once you have done this, you can login on the website.

The first time you login, you will be presented with the ability to choose between a free account or an upgraded account. If you decide to go with a free account now, you will still be able to upgrade later at any time you wish. Your free account will remain available for free for an unlimited time. If you do nothing, your account will also automatically be a free one. If you choose for an upgrade account and your upgrade expires after 1 or 2 years, you will be able to renew your upgrade. Otherwise, you will automatically be reverted to a free account which you can then continue to use for an unlimited time.

on Monday August 21 by Super User

There may be different reasons why you can't log in:

  1. If you haven't created an account yet, make sure to create one first by going to "home" and then "join us now".
  1. If you created an account only just now, you need to activate it first. This you can do by clicking on the activation link that was sent to you in an e-mail. If you did not receive an e-mail, please check your spam filter. If you misspelled your e-mail address in the registration form, it will also not arrive. If you cannot find your activation mail, it will automatically resend the e-mail when you try to log in again.
  1. Make sure you have spelled your username (or e-mail address) and password correctly. Keep in mind that both username and password are case sensitive. If your password is "Password" with capital P, it will not accept "password" without capital p.
  1. If you don't remember your username and/or password, click the "Forgot login?" link below the login fields in the top right corner of the website.
  1. If none of the above provide a solution to your login problem, please go to "Home" and then "Contact us", and explain your problem in the contact form. Make sure to select the "Membership Administration" as department.
on Monday August 21 by Super User

Take the following steps:

  1. Go to "My Profile" and then to "Account Settings" (left menu) or the submenu "Account Settings" under "My Wall".
  2. Click on the tab "Private".
  3. In the field "Password", fill out the new password you want to use.
  4. Repeat this in the field "Verify Password".
  5. In the field "Current Password", you fill out the current password (not the new one).
  6. Click "Update" below.
on Sunday August 27 by Super User

Take the following steps:

  1. Go to "My Profile" and then to "Account Settings" (left menu) or the submenu "Account Settings" under "My Wall".
  2. Click on the tab "Private".
  3. In the field "E-mail Address", fill out your new e-mail address.
  4. Click "Update" below.
  5. An email will be sent to you, with a link you need to click to verify your change of e-mail address.
on Sunday August 27 by Super User

The username is that which you login with (along with your password). Once you have registered it, you are unable to change it afterwards.

Your real name is the field where you put in your actual full and real name. Don't worry, this will not be visible to other members.

Your Display Name, however, is the name that you will appear as for yourself and other members. It can be the same as your username, but doesn't have to be. You can change it as many times as you like.

on Monday August 21 by Super User

No! Anything in the "Private Info" tab remains private, and cannot be seen by other members. The address fields are mainly important for Upgraded membership, so we know to which address we should send your NOD Membership Card.

on Monday August 21 by Super User

You go to the profile of the person you want to add as a friend. On top of the page, you will then see a menu called "Friends". By hovering over that menu, you will see the submenu "Add as friend". By clicking on that, you will send a friend request to this person. Notice that the person will not be your friend yet, until they accept your friendship request.

on Monday August 21 by Super User

You go to the profile of the person you want to remove as a friend. On top of the page, you will then see a menu called "Friends". By hovering over that menu, you will see the submenu "Remove friend". By clicking on that, you will remove your friend connection to this person.

You can also go to your own profile, to the tab "Friends" and click the red X above the friend you want to remove.

on Monday August 21 by Super User

There are various ways to go to the profile of another member:

  1. On the forums, simply click the name as it appears on the left of a post they have made.
  1. On the news feed, click on the avatar image on the left of a status or post they have made.
  1. Go to "My Profile" and then to "Communicate" and "Find more users". You will then find a list of all members on the NOD website, and have the ability to search.
on Monday August 21 by Super User

You go to "My Profile" then Edit > Update your profile > tab "Profile picture".

Here, you will be able to choose from a selection of images, or upload one of your own.

on Monday August 21 by Super User

You go to "My Profile" then Edit > Update your profile.

on Monday August 21 by Super User

In the "About Me" section, you can write anything and everything about yourself that you want to display in your profile (for other members to see). You will be able to make your text look nice (bold, italic, underline) and use other formatting options.

on Monday August 21 by Super User

The address fields in your "Private Info" tab, are never displayed to other members.

The "Hometown & Country" field, however, will be displayed on your profile for other members to see. On this field, you can specifiy as little or as much as you like about your home location, without having to change your actual address information in the Private Info tab. This will allow you to have full control over your own privacy.

on Monday August 21 by Super User

You are practically in full control of the privacy of your NOD profile. Note that NOD profiles are NEVER visible to the public, even if your profile privacy is set to "public", it will only be visible to other NOD members who are logged in on the website.

While you can set the privacy of your entire profile, you can also control the privacy of specific profile fields. Here's an overview of what you can and can't change the privacy settings of:

Always set to "public" (visible to all logged in NOD members):

- Your "display name" (this does not need to be the same as your username or real name, and you can change it any time)

- Your "hometown & country"

- Your NOD position (if applicable)

- Your avatar/profile picture

- Your friends

- Your map (you can empty the lattitude & longitude fields or put a fictitious 1 in each field)


Always set to private and will never be displayed on your profile or anywhere else:

- Everything in the "private info" tab, including your real name and address

- Your newsletter settings


You can change the following to a different privacy setting (default is "public"):

- Your relation ship status and religion in the "basic info" tab

- The "about me" tab (if left empty, this tab will not be shown to other members who visit your profile)

- The "profile" tab and every field in it

- The "blog" tab, this way you can specify who can read your blogs entries

- The "comments" tab, this way you can specify who can read comments on your profile or write a comment on it


When going to "edit my profile", you can:

- set your general profile privacy setting by going to your "Private Info" tab

- change the privacy of an entire tab (such as "blog" or "comments") by going to the tab and looking in the right corner

- change the privacy of a specific field (such as "favourite music") by going to the related tab and then to the field itself, where the selection will be displayed next or below it


These settings allow you to control exactly who sees what. For example, you can choose to keep your profile public to all NOD members (setting: "public") but the "Profile" tab only to "connections of connections" and the "favourite books" field only to your friends. Remember that the strictest setting is always the valid one: if a tab is set to "connections" and a field in it is set to "connections of connections", the tab will still only show to your friends and not to their friends.

Also note that these settings are specific to your profile. It does not affect what you post in the forums (which is always visible to all members). The privacy of your posts on your wall or news feed is set at the time you post a status, link, photo or video. When set to "public", it means that all NOD members will be able to see it. Keep in mind that the last chosen privacy setting will apply when you make another post, until you change the setting again.

on Monday August 21 by Super User

Groups on the NOD website are discussion groups for specific subjects such as history, mythology, and so on. If the subject of a certain group interests you, you can ask to join the group, so you can take part in the discussion. Depending on the group's setting, the group discussions may be visible to members only, or also to non-members. In addition, you can also start your own group and invite your friends to join.

You can find the groups by going to "My Groups". This menu link will show the groups that you are a member of, but it will not show the groups you own yourself. In the submenu "My Own Groups", you will get a list of the groups that you own.

In addition, you can find more groups, create your own group, or check the group invites you may have received.

Our groups system is also used for other intentions, such as E-Nemetons, which you can find in the menu Nemetons > Find an E-Nemeton. In the Druid College menu, you will also find Student Alumni groups, one for each of our courses. Only if you have completed a particular course will you be allowed into this group.

on Sunday August 27 by Super User

The upgraded membership includes a membership package, which is sent to your home address. In order to reduce paper waste, membership packages are created and sent out only once a month. They are sent out from Belgium, so depending on the country you live in, it can take some days or weeks for it to arrive after we have sent it out.

If you have not yet received your membership package after awhile, these may be the reasons:
- You have not specified your home address in the "Private" tab of your Account Settings.
- The setting "Upgraded Membership Card & Package" is set to "No" in the "Private" tab of your Account Settings
- You have specified an incorrect or incomplete home address, and the package could not be delivered.

If any of the above is the case, and you still wish to receive your membership package, please update your account information where needed. Make sure to also contact the Membership Administration through the Support Helpdesk. 

If none of the above applies but you still have not received your membership package after two months after upgrading, please contact the Membership Administration through the Support Helpdesk.

on Sunday August 27 by Super User

The family discount for upgraded memberships only applies if more than one family member wants to upgrade their account with us. The first member pays the full membership fee, and additional family members can upgrade using the family discount.

This applies only for family members living at the same home address as the first member. The name of the first member needs to be specified in the field "Name of Upgraded Family Member" in the "Private" tab of your Account Settings.

on Sunday August 27 by Super User

When you are logged in on the website, you will find a tab near the left bottom of the page, saying "Chat". It also gives a number for the amount of people in your friends list who are online at that moment. Clicking on "Chat" will open a window with a list of these online friends (if any). You can also search for online friends in this window. Just clicking on one of their names will open a chat window toward the right bottom. To close the list of online friends, just click on "Chat" again.

Once you have opened a chat to someone, you can start typing a message to them. This will automatically open a similar window for them too, so they can read it and reply. Emoticon codes will automatically convert to images. Clicking the grey header of the window will minimize the window. To close it completely, open the "Chat" tab and click on your friend's name there (the chat window for that friend needs to be minimized first). Even upon closing the window, the chat conversation is preserved when you open it again the next time. You can browse the website while you chat, the window will remain.

In the "Chat" tab, you can set your status as available, busy or away, by clicking the small arrow pointing down above the search field. Your current status will appear next to your avatar and name. Additionally, you can also write a custom status message in the field to the left of the small arrow. By default, the status text is set as "Chatting here first time". If you don't want a status text at all, click the small arrow and choose "Clear custom messages".

Another way to initiate a chat with a friend is by going to their profile. Next to "Chat" it will say "Click to start chatting". By clicking on it, you will open a chat window. If the member is offline, or not in your friends list, you will not be able to initiate a chat with them, and the online status will say as such.

Please note that chat messages will not appear in the private messages area, and that old chat conversations will occasionally be removed.


on Saturday September 02 by Super User

We value the privacy of our members, and we will do everything within our power to safeguard their personal data. This is reflected in our Privacy Policy, which has been updated to reflect the European GDPR regulations. Here's a summary of what is most important:

The private information you provide of yourself (such as in your profile) is only used to enhance your experience on the website and your potential interaction with other members. Aside from a few required fields (for practical and technical reasons, such as uername, password, email address, date of birth), you are completely free to choose how much or how little information of yourself you put into your account or profile.

You can control the privacy settings of your profile, allowing you to decide which information is visible to all members, some members, or no members. In all cases, profiles are NEVER completely public, meaning that only members of the website can see them after logging in.

We NEVER sell your personal data to companies or other 3rd parties for advertisement or commercial purposes. The Google Ads displayed on our website only use anonymous data to show relevant advertisements based on your what websites you visit in general and not ours alone. We don't sell your profile information or other information to Google or any other company.

In order to keep your personal data safe, we are using a powerful firewall system that blocks any malicious intrusion attempts, and this in addition to the regular security measures provided by the server provider. Of course, a 100% waterproof security doesn't exist, and in the very unlikely case of a data breach, we will inform the relevant authorities as well as the members of our website. We never keep financial login information on our website; online payments occur exclusively outside our website and server.

You have a right to access and download an overview of your personal data. You can do so by going to My Wall > Account Settings (hover) > My Personal Data Overview. In addition, if you are also a student and/or mentor in the Grove of Dana Online Druid College, you can request a download of your personal data there by going to Druid College > My Courses > click your name or profile picture on the right until a dropdown menu appears > Profile > Data Requests.

You have a right to have your account with its personal data removed from our server. We will remove everything except possibly some data that e are required by law to keep. You can do so by going to My Wall > Account Settings (hover) > Delete My Account.

on Tuesday May 29 by Phoenix

To ask for your account to be deleted, go to "My Account" (menu left). Then go to the submenu "Delete my account" of "Acount Settings". There you will find instructions on what to do to have your account deleted. The deletion cannot be undone!

on Sunday August 27 by Super User

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