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Authentic dragon skeleton unearthed in North Wales


NORTH WALES - An authentic skeleton of what scientists admit "must be the dragon of myth and legend" has been unearthed by archaeologists in the Snowdonia region.  The bones are dated to be about 2000 years old, which rules out the possibility that these are dinosaur remains.  The Red Dragon has been the symbol of Wales since unrecorded time, and this discovery is now giving a boost to Welsh national pride, with their symbol actually being based on an actual historical creature. 

"We've always considered them to be mere mythical creatures and nothing more," says Prof. Dr. Fisher of the University of Bangor, "we always assumed their myths to be based on dinosaur remains that ancient people might have unearthed.  This discovery tells us that the creatures aren't mythical, they actually existed at one point."

But the discovery of this dragon skeleton raises more questions than answers for the scientific world.  Scientists are now investigating the possible cause of death for this dragon, in order to determine the reason why its species might have gone extinct.  It is not ruled out that so-called "Dragon Slayers", medieval Christian knights such as the legendary St. George, may have been responsible for wiping out the dragon species from the earth entirely.  Scientists are now also more interested in investigating the Loch Ness monster story, as more dragon remains are hoped to be discovered at the bottom of the famous lake in Scotland.

For more information and closer pictures, click here.

This is how we help Mother Earth!

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year, and our best wishes for a spiritual 2011 to you all!

The year has already started with a positive note, and we are happy to announce that we've been able to make a contribution to help the preservation of Mother Earth and her beautiful nature -- and it's all thanks to you!

In the Spring of 2010, we announced that we would be donating 5 EUR for each member that pays for an Upgraded Membership, and for each year (so that's 10 EUR for those who upgrade for 2 years). Additionially, we made this new policy apply as of January 1, 2010, so that anyone who had upgraded that year, but before the policy was introduced, would also contribute -- we thought it was only fair!

Yesterday, we have calculated the total and donated it entirely to The Nature Conservancy at http://support.nature.org/goto/neworderofdruids 

The total amount which we donated for all Upgraded Memberships of 2010, was no less than 300 EUR or $390 USD!  A big thank you to everyone who contributed by upgrading their account on NOD!  You have not only helped NOD, but also Mother Earth!  The Nature Conservancy is an organisation intent on preserving nature and Mother Earth in various parts of the world, and we've helped make that possible now!

You can see the proof of donation for yourself at this URL:

You will also see on this page, that our yearly goal is set to $500 USD, of which $390 is now already filled in.  We hope to reach this goal by the end of 2011 with free donations (aside from Upgraded Memberships), which can be of any amount that you choose, small or large.  We only need $110 more to achieve this goal -- will you help, even if it's only with a bit?  Go to the above URL and click "Make A Donation". More information can also be found on that page!

Of course, it is without question that we will continue this policy throughout 2011.  So every member that upgrades their account to a 1 year or 2 years Upgraded Membership, will automatically contribute to the yearly donation to The Nature Conservancy at www.nature.org.  Learn more about the benefits and pricing of Upgraded Membership here:


Thank you again for your support! 

Download and print our NOD brochure!

We would like to draw your attention to the Introduction Brochure of the New Order of Druids, which can be printed and folded in order to spread among your friends or elsewhere. You can download it here in PDF format:


Thank you for your support! 

Bardic Youth Course - now available in Dutch

We are happy to announce that as of today, the "Bardic Youth Course" is also available in the Dutch language at the Grove of Dana Online Druid College, with particular thanks to Elke Thomas (Myrddin).

You can access the Dutch course by clicking "Druid College" (menu on top or left), and then switch the site language to Dutch. You will then find the "Bardische Jongerencursus" listed and available for enrolment.

Enrolment in this course is free to all members, including mentor. The Bardic Youth Course is aimed at children and teenagers, but is also available to adult members.

NOD Nemetons

Today, the Council has taken an important step by approving a set of regulations for NOD Nemetons.

Nemetons are another word for "groves", meaning physical and local groups of NOD members that organize meetings, workshops or other activities. This gives NOD an important opportunity to reach out to the members on a far more personal level than can ever be achieved through the internet.

There's still some work to be done before actual Nemetons can get started, but rest assured that we're working on it and that it's coming soon!

NOD Nature Donation Fund expanded

We have expanded our NOD Nature Donation Fund, in where we endorse The Nature Conservancy at www.nature.org.  For each Upgraded Membership, we donate 5 € per year, and now it is also possible for both members and non-members to make their own donations directly to our Fundraiser.  More information can be found at this URL:


Acceptance of Druidry as a Religion

The New Order of Druids is affiliated with The Druid Network (www.druidnetwork.org) since 2006. Today, we have received the following announcement from TDN, which we would like to share with you.

It is with great pleasure we announce to the membership that at a meeting of The Charity Commission on the 21st September The Druid Network was accepted as a charity that furthers religion. This is the culmination of many years of hard work, the Charity Commission did not grant this lightly and questioned all aspects of druid practice, belief,coherence and the public character of The Druid Network (whether TDN is beneficial to the public).

What this means is that Druidry is now accepted as a valid religion under English Charity Law. This gives Druidry equal status with other accepted religions in all areas including the workplace; a huge step and cause for great celebration.

Further details will be given on the website once registration has been completed.

Phil - on behalf of The Trustees.

Vacation of main administration

Please be aware that the main NOD administration will be on vacation from August 10 to 15. After August 16, we will try to get back to you.

During this time, support tickets directed to membership administration, general questions and webmaster will not be responded to until after August 16.

Support tickets for the College Coordinator and Oran Mor e-zine will still be monitored. Please make sure that, when filling out a support ticket, you choose the correct department.

Also an important note: when seeking help regarding the website, college, courses, membership, etc... please DO NOT use the private messenger or email member system on the website. Please go to "Contact Us" to use the support ticket system, where we will be able to help you much faster and more efficient!

Thank you.

New Podcast edition!

The latest Podcast edition for Lughnasadh has been released. You can now listen to it at: 


New College courses for Upgraded Members

We are happy to announce that the Grove of Dana - Online Druid College, now has "specialisation courses" available.

Specialisation Courses are additional courses (aside from the standard Bardic/Ovate/Druid Course) that are available only to Upgraded Members. Each of these courses come with a mentor who will guide you through your assignments.

The current Specialisation Courses available are the Celtic History Course, and as of today also the Celtic Gods & Goddesses Course.

To sign up for either of them, go to "Druid College" and follow instructions.

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