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Ovate Youth Course: book now also available

We are happy to announce that the Ovate Youth Course is now also available for purchase as a book at our online store.  The book is titled "Walking With Trees" and encompasses the entire course, excluding the assignments only, which can of course be downloaded at the Grove of Dana online Druid college. The book is available for only $18 USD.

You can find this book at our online store on this link:

Vacation N.O.D. Administration

The main administration of N.O.D. (membership administration and webmaster) will be on vacation from September 10 to September 20. Any inquiries for these departments will not be addressed until after the 20th.

We are also aware that there are some persistent issues with the "Activity Wall" and are still awaiting the software provider's solution, but it may be that a solution will not be implemented until after the 20th, for which we apologize.

Thank you for your understanding.

Possible problems with registering a new account

It may be possible that new members will experience problems registering a new account. An error may appear that the system is unable to connect to the anti-spam filter. 

Every new registration is always compared to the spam filter of the www.stopforumspam.com website, in order to keep spammers away from our community. It may happen, occassionally, that the website is down or otherwise unreachable, which then prevents new registrations from being accepted.

Unfortunately, this is something outside our power to control. If this occurs to you, we recommend that you try again on a frequent basis, usually the problem persists only for a short time.

This issue will only occur for new registrations. It does not affect logging in or other parts of our website.

Ovate Youth Course now available!

We are proud to announce that as of today, the "Ovate Youth Course" has officially been launched!

The Ovate Youth Course is an immediate follow-up to the Bardic Youth Course, which must be completed first before enrolment is possible. Naturally, the Ovate Youth Course is also written to be aimed toward children and teenagers, although adults are welcome to take the course too, of course. The course is entirely free of charge, but you need to be a registered member of the New Order of Druids (which is, as you know, also free), and you need to log in at least once every 60 days. If you already registered an account in the Grove of Dana college, you can use this same account to join the Ovate Youth Course (as well as any other courses).

The Ovate Youth Course is based on the same system as the Bardic Youth Course, which makes it a self-paced course which works with assignments. This doesn't mean that the student is expected to write tons of text in essays, and we have kept essays to an absolute minimum, giving more attention to creativity and experience.

It is possible to see a preview of both the Bardic Youth Course and Ovate Youth Course here:

Bardic Youth Course:

Ovate Youth Course:


New Order of Druids page on Google+

If you have an account on Google+, then we invite you to add our new NOD page to your "circles". You can find it at this URL:


New course: Becoming Aware

We are happy to announce that today, we have launched a new course by the name "Becoming Aware".  Most people spend their lives cocooned within themselves with a never ending litany of words going on in their minds to the point where they lose sense of the world around them. This can create feelings of isolation, yet it is mostly self imprisonment. This course is designed to bring you awareness of the world around you by simply re learning how to use the senses and how to listen to the messages they bring.

This course can be taken separately from any of the other courses (you don't need to have completed another course first).  We do recommend that, if you are taking any of our Druid courses, the "Becoming Aware" course will be a worthy supplement, and it will also help build up a vital connection.

The "Becoming Aware" course is only available to Upgraded Members. This also means that students in this course will be assigned a mentor who will guide them through the course. If you are not an upgraded member yet, check out this URL to find out what the benefits are of an upgraded account:


You can enrol in the "Becoming Aware" course right away at this URL (make sure you are logged in first):

(scroll down until you see "Becoming Aware Course" and click "Join course with mentor" on the right)

We would like to give special thanks to Kirsten Ellis aka Karayana, former NOD Council Member and founder of "Indigo Readings". Kirsten is the author of this course and will also be your mentor upon enrolling.  You are invited to check out her own website as well at: http://www.indigoreadings.co.uk/

Celtic Polytheism Courses

Dear members,

You may want to know that a new series of courses has been added to the Grove of Dana online Druid college: the Celtic Polytheism Courses.

Celtic polytheism, sometimes known as Celtic paganism, refers to the religious beliefs and practices of the ancient Celtic peoples of Western Europe prior to Christianization. In these courses you will study general Celtic history, philosophy, seership studies, environmental studies, and practical exercises. Currently, this series of courses contains a first and second year.

The Celtic Polytheism Courses are only available to Upgraded Members and come with the guidance of a mentor. For more information, make sure to check out the "Druid College" tab on the main NOD website, where you will find that the courses overview layout has been given a thorough facelift as well.

To conclude, we would like to thank Maya for writing these courses and for making them available to the New Order of Druids!

Start your own NOD Nemeton group in your area!

Over the past years, many of you have been asking about an option in where you can set up your own local NOD group, to meet with fellow members of the New Order of Druids, organize seasonal group rituals or discuss the courses. Until now, such a group has only existed in Antwerp, Belgium, but it has always been our intention to spread our wings further than that. And today, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived at last!

We are proud to announce the new option of starting your own "Nemeton"!

The word Nemeton is our term for a local group (or "Grove") of people. In fact, we offer two formulas for you to choose from: a Nemeton and Vernemeton. The first is a group closely linked to NOD, and only available to Upgraded Members. The second option, the Vernemeton, is mainly intended as a more loose affiliation with already existing groups (though new groups can apply too), and free for all members to apply.

If you'd like to know more about the various possibilities and requirements, please check out our website at this link:


You will find that the details are greatly explained on the above webpage, but if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! If needed, we will also assist you in setting up your Nemeton, and for Upgraded Members we also offer a Nemeton Course!

Please be aware that the current requirements to start a Nemeton or Vernemeton can be changed over time, as we try to improve our Nemeton formulas along the way. If you have any suggestions, you are more than welcome to let us know about them!

We look forward to see the first NOD Nemetons in the world rise up from the ground!

Druid Specialization Course

We are happy to announce that the new Druid Specialization Course is now available. The purpose of this course to explore the soul-image, your dán. This independent, self-designed course structure allows for students to continue their druidic studies in a direction of their choosing. Focus is on embodying dán in creative ways and the course requires that all students complete a Service Project.

This course is only available to Upgraded Members, and you are required to have completed the Bardic Course, Ovate Course and Druid Course respectively, before you can enrol into the Druid Specialization Course.

Special thanks go out to Maya St. Clair for writing and setting up this course.

Download and print our NOD brochure!

We would like to draw your attention to the Introduction Brochure of the New Order of Druids, which can be printed and folded in order to spread among your friends or elsewhere. You can download it here in PDF format:


Thank you for your support! 

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