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About the New Order of Druids

The New Order of Druids is an international community which operates both online on the internet and offline locally. It is open for anyone who is genuinely interested in the Druid path and everything related to it, such as Celtic culture, history and mythology. We welcome people from everywhere in the world, regardless of ethnic origin, gender or religion. You do not need to define Druidism as your religion in order to be able to join, you are also welcome when you follow another religion, or none at all.

The New Order of Druids is an official non-profit organisation located in Belgium. Local groups (Nemetons) may be registered as a non-profit organisation in the country they are located at.

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The New Order of Druids is a non-profit organisation located in Belgium, and as such is required to abide by its laws concerning the structure of NPO's.

The highest organ within the New Order of Druids is the General Assembly, of which the members are all Belgian residents. Of these members, three obtain the position of chairman, secretary and treasurer, and they form the Board of Governors. The members of the General Assembly and Board of Governors handle all legal matters as well as all local matters concerning the Nervii Nemeton, the Mothergrove of the New Order of Druids.

The Council is an organ which deals exclusively with all matters online, such as the forums, the college, the podcast, etc... as well as international branching with NOD Nemetons outside Belgium. All the members of the General Assembly and Board of Governors are by default Council members, but the Council also contains members of other countries in the world. Council membership is extended by invitation or upon positive evaluation of an application.

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All profits made from sales and services, or NOD upgraded membership, remains entirely within the New Order of Druids. We are a non-profit organisation, which means that all the work is done by volunteers and nobody earns any personal profit. The money is used to cover the various expenses that come with a website such as ours, including but not limited to legal expenses, insurances, Virtual Private Server and domain name expenses, software purchases, ... We also donate 5 € per upgrade and per year to Nature.org at the end of each year.

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A group, E-Nemeton and Nemeton are all different things with different intentions.

  1. A "group" is something that every NOD member can create on the website, in order to have a discussion group with people all interested in one particular subject. These groups are thus informal discussion groups.

  2. An E-Nemeton can be an online (discussion) group or community, but which is actually external to NOD. The name "E-Nemeton" therefore actually relates to an online affiliation.

  3. A Nemeton is a local group which extents its activities beyond only the internet, but also holds local meetings, rituals, etc... and is affiliated with NOD.
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