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Nine Ideals of the New Order of Druids

The New Order of Druids upholds the following nine ideals. These are not intended to be dogmatic "rules" but rather ideals to strive for.

1. Approach nature with reverance and respect.
We are part of nature and nature is part of us. We cannot be superior to nature, but should nurture it and be thankful for everything it provides us. This does not mean we are required to be vegetarian, or mow the grass, but avoid doing nature any unnecessary harm, and offer thanks to nature for what it offers you (see ideal 4).

2. Always uphold the truth.
The truth always prevails in the end, and is the only thing anything fundamental can really be built upon. We do not promote false facts, and expect others to be truthful in any information they provide as well.

3. Walk the way of balance.
Balance is a central aspect in the ways of the Druid. Nothing is pure evil, nor pure good. The balance between the two is delicate, and should not be disturbed, but rather preserved where possible.

4. Preserve the harmony upon your actions.
Extension of ideal 3. Balance your actions, rather than taking any radical actions, and avoid a one-sided view, but be open to other points of views. You alone are responsible for every single action you take in your life.

5. Always abide to the laws of nature.
The laws of nature are what we see in nature every day; its cycles of life and death, predator and prey, ... Do not disturb the natural cause of action in nature. This does not mean you need to be vegetarian, or that you can't pluck fruit from a tree, but offer thanks for everything nature offers you each time,

6. Use wisdom in service to the universe, not to promote selfishness.
The wisdom gained while walking the Druid's path, is not intended to increase the power of oneself for personal advantage, or to use offensively toward anything or anyone else. With this wisdom comes the obligation of service, to use it in harmony with nature rather than dominating, and in the service of others.

7. Never profit from knowledge or the use of powers for the sole purpose of monitary riches.
Do not take financial advantage in passing on Druid knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes the transaction of money cannot be avoided, to be able to gain wisdom and knowledge, but it is not a tool to be used for the sole purpose of knowledge.

8. Respect all others, even if their opinions are different.
There are as many opinions on matters, as there are people walking this Earth. No two people are exactly the same, and rather than close ourselves off from opinions that are different from ours, we should be open to them and learn from them what we can.

9. Never break a sworn oath, lest you be forsworn.
An oath you make, binds you as an unwritten contract to your spirit and honour. If you take it, and break it, lightly, you will lose all credibility and trust of others.

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