I was absent for awhile and I no longer have access to my course. What should I do?


Students are automatically unenrolled from a course if they have been inactive for an extended period of time (in most cases, this is 1 year). This is to avoid students, who decided not to continue the course, from remaining enrolled in the course. However, we do understand that some students may be inactive due to unforseen circumstances, such as e.g. familial or health problems. For that reason, it is in most cases allowed to continue your course after a prolongued absence.

If you find yourself unenrolled from a course after a long absence, you will be asked for the course enrolment key again. Just fill out the enrolment key you originally received by e-mail when joining the course.

If you no longer have the e-mail with the enrolment key, you can request it again by signing up for the course again. This means that you need to go to "Druid College", then to "List of Courses", select the relevant course and click "JOIN COURSE" or "REQUEST ENROLMENT KEY". Then fill out the application form, as you did when joining the course for the first time, but now write (in one of the comment text areas) that you are re-enrolling due to lost enrolment key. The enrolment key will then be e-mailed to you.

Once you have entered the enrolment key and you have regained access to the course, you will see that the course work you had already completed is still available there. So you can continue your course where you left off.




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