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Celtic Polytheism Course - Year #1: Topics

Celtic Polytheism Course - Year 1

Welcome to the Introduction to Celtic Polytheism Course (year 1). To begin the course, make sure to read the instructions below carefully.

Celtic polytheism, sometimes known as Celtic paganism, refers to the religious beliefs and practices of the ancient Celtic peoples of Western Europe prior to Christianization. Religious beliefs and practices of the Celts varied throughout the different Celtic lands, which included Ireland, Great Britain, Celtiberia, Gaul, areas along the Danube river, and Galatia; however there were commonalities shared by all. This course is aimed at people who think of Celtic polytheism as a religion rather than a philosophy. It involves a lot of study, so if you are thinking of taking this course you must have the time to devote to it. A lot of texts will be used in this course and some will be required reading so you must be able to either buy them or borrow them from the library.

In year one you will study general Celtic history, philosophy, seership studies, environmental studies, and practical exercises.

Below you will find the links you need for downloading the course material. For each assignment in the course there will be a reading which you are asked to complete and an essay to write. In some cases you may need to do some independent research. All of these things are listed in the handbook for ease of reference (see appendix for the complete list of assignments). 



Below you can download all the necessary course material. The course documents are PDF- files, for which you will need Adobe Reader to open them. If you do not already have it, you can download it for free:
Download Adobe Reader

Note: right click the links below and select "save as" to download to your computer)


This document contains a few assignments that need to be done first, by way of preparation for the Celtic Polytheism Course assignments that will follow afterwards. 


This document contains the Celtic Polytheism Course handbook document for year 1, with a list of assignments in the appendix at the end.


Download the documents above, and start with reading the Student Manual Handbook. When you are ready to begin your first assignment(s), you can upload them below in the first lesson block "Writing Course Assignments". You will be assigned a mentor, who will grade your assignments and give feedback where and if needed; you will need to wait until the mentor has graded you until you can continue to the next lesson block. You can find the name of your mentor by clicking "My Mentor" in the Main Menu (left column).

Once you are ready with the first lesson block, you can begin reading the Celtic Polytheism Course Handbook, and write the assignments for each chapter. You can upload your assignments below in the relevant lesson block for the chapter you're working on. You work your way through the course this way until you have completed all the assignments. 

Although you are free to go as fast or slow as you like, we encourage you to take at least a week with each assignment. This will allow you to spend some time with the content of the lessons, contemplating and engaging them intellectually as well. For this reason there is a minimum time limit of six months on this course.

There are three ways in which you can submit your assignment:

  1. You can write your assignment in a text document and upload it in the relevant lesson below. Please use regular formats such as .txt, .rtf or .doc. The program Microsoft Word is most commonly used.
  2. You can use the online text editor found in each lesson after clicking "add submission". When ready, click "save changes" and your assignment will automatically be submitted to that particular lesson.
  3. You can use our "Online Text Editor" (see "Main Menu" on the left), which will load in your browser window. This editor will only let you create NEW documents, not load and change existing ones. You will then need to save the document to your computer, and upload it to the relevant lesson block.


The Student Forum (see Main Menu on the left) can be used to discuss the course and assignments with other students in this course. The forum is not intended to get technical support for the college or the website in general.

If you are in need of technical support in regards to the college, please only use the "Support Helpdesk". We can't guarantuee you will receive a response if you try to contact us with technical questions in other channels (email, forums, private message, activity wall, ...).


Throughout the course, you will be asked to write in your journal and update it regularly. The journal will not be displayed within the lesson blocks, but right below here instead.

1. Writing Course Assignments
2. Basic Level
3. Intermediate Level
4. Advanced Level
5. Feedback & Mentorship

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