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Ovate Course: Topics

Ovate Course

Ovate Course

Welcome to the Ovate course, the second of three grades in the Grove of Dana: Online College of Druidism. To begin the course, make sure to read the instructions below carefully.

If you enrolled in this course then you are probably familiar with the way the Bardic course was run; this course will work similarly. As you read each chapter you will be given one or two assignments to complete based on your readings and practice involved with the topic. The readings and the details to certain practices are all in the Ovate Course Handbook which you can download in the link below. 



Below you can download all the necessary course material. The course documents are PDF- files, for which you will need Adobe Reader to open them. If you do not already have it, you can download it for free:
Download Adobe Reader

Note: right click the links below and select "save as" to download to your computer)


This document contains the main Ovate Course, with a list of assignments in the appendix at the end.



This is an audio file, a soundscape called "Spirit Vessel" which is required for the first assignment.
Note: This is a 22 Mb download, may take a while on slower connection speeds.


See below in the section "Getting Started" for further instructions on how to take this course.


The Student Forum (see Main Menu on the side) can be used to discuss the course and assignments with other students in this course. The forum is not intended to get technical support for the college or the website in general.

If you are in need of technical support in regards to the college, please only use the "Support Helpdesk". We can't guarantuee you will receive a response if you try to contact us with technical questions in other channels (email, forums, private message, activity wall, ...).

Getting Started


The Ovate Course Forum is the forum where you will be posting all of your assignments for this course.
Click the link below to go directly to the Ovate Course Forum.


Make sure you are logged in on the main website to access this forum.


Download the document and audio file above, and start with reading the Ovate Course Handbook, and write the assignments for each chapter. You can post your assignments in the Ovate Course Forum. You can either place the text of your assignment directly into a forum post, or you can write it in a text document and add it as attachment to your forum post. At any rate, make sure that you clearly specify which assignment or chapter you are posting about when creating a new topic in the Ovate Course Forum. 

Your assignments will not be graded, and may or may not receive feedback from the forum moderators or fellow students. At any rate, you do not need to wait for feedback in order to continue with the next assignment. You work your way through the course this way until you have completed all the assignments. 

If you want to use text documents for your assignments, but you don't have a program for it available (such as MS Word,OpenOffice Writer, ...), you can use our "Online Text Editor" (see "Main Menu" on the side), which will load in your browser window. This editor will only let you create NEW documents, not load and change existing ones. You will then need to save the document to your computer, and upload it to the relevant lesson block.

When you have completed the course and all assignments (with a minimum time of 6 months), you will need to return here and request access to the final exam, which will determine whether you have fully comprehended the course, and are ready to move to the third course (the Druid Course). You  can do this by going to the link "Request final exam" below and follow the instructions there.

Final Exam

Here you will take your final exam of the Ovate Course, once you have completed all the course assignments in the Ovate Course Forum.

Feedback & Mentorship
Moving forward to the Druid Course

Once you have succesfully completed the Ovate Course, you will be able to access the necessary instructions here on how to enroll into the Druid Course.

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