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Step-by-step description of the upgrade procedure

Below, you will find a step-by-step overview of how the upgrade procedure works. You will see that it is a fairly simple and quick procedure.

1. Click the "Upgrade Now" button!

2. Select the upgrade plan you choose for.

You will be offered a choice of four "Upgrade Plans". The standard is one year for 29.95 EUR, but you can also choose to upgrade for two years, for the price of 49.95 EUR (that's an overal discount of about 10 EUR). Normally, you choose between those two plans.

However, the two plans below (also for 1 and 2 years upgrade) are available at a Family Discount, but ONLY if you have a family member living at the same address, who already paid for a full upgrade. You will then be asked to specify the name of this family member for verification. If you don't apply for the Family Discount, don't choose these plans - misuse of the Family Discount will be sanctioned!

Note on Family Discount: The name of the upgraded family member needs to be filled out in the "Family Member" field of your profile, which can be found in the "Private Info" tab!

Once you have chosen your preferable upgrade plan, select it and click "Upgrad" below.

3. Add or update your Invoice Address.

You will be asked to add or update your Invoice Address. If you already filled out your home address in the "Private Info" tab of your profile, it should appear here. Complete the fields where necessary, and click "Save".

Once your Invoice Address is completed, you will get a screen where you will see the total amount to be paid and for which plan, with below the Invoice Address you specified.

4. Choose how you want to pay.

Below your invoice, you will find two buttons:
  * PAY NOW (Visa/Master Card)

You can click "PAY NOW" if you intend to pay with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, ...) or with Paypal. If you have a credit card but not a Paypal account, you can still process your payment without needing to create an account at Paypal.

If you don't have Paypal or a credit card, you need to click "PAY OFFLINE". You will then get a window with the bank information needed to request a money transfer. This means that your account will not be automatically activated, it will be manually done so once we have received your full payment. As there are no further steps in that case for you to follow, all steps below are only intended for those who pay with credit card or Paypal.

5.. Paying with Paypal or credit card

Once you have clicked "PAY NOW", you will be redirected to the website of Paypal. You will be asked to login to your Paypal account. If you DO have a Paypal account, now is the moment to do so. If you do NOT have a Paypal account, look for a link down on the left to make your payment with credit card without Paypal account.

Just follow instructions to proceed with the payment. Once the payment has been processed, you will see a message that says you will be redirected to our website in 5 seconds. Please note that it may sometimes take a bit longer than 5 seconds before you will see our own website appear again.

6. Complete your upgrade

Once you have returned to our website, you should be seeing a message that says your payment is processed and your upgrade is active. Still, it is very important to log out of the website and then log back in to have full access to your upgrade!

Once you have logged out and logged back in, you can start using your upgraded account!




Recent News

Website issues resolved

Friday, 14 September 2018

In the past week, the website has been experiencing problems with logging in, incorrect password resets and frequently timing out.

We are happy to announce that these issues have finally been resolved now, and everything should be working normally again.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Website downtime problems

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The website is currently experiencing frequent downtime issues, which often result into a 503 timeout error when e.g. trying to login to your account, use the "forgot password" function or some other parts of the website.

We are working with our server provider and are trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible. If you expierence issues with the website, feel free to try again at a later time. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

We are also aware that the "forgot password" function is not working properly in regards to the actual password reset. Due to these timeout issues, we can't work on fixing this issue until the timeouts are resolved first. 


Monday, 02 July 2018

Due to vacation, the general & membership administration, and the webmaster departments will be unavailable between Sunday, July 8 and Tuesday, July 17.

Thank you for your understanding.

Druids value privacy too

Thursday, 24 May 2018
Undoubtedly, you have heard of the new GDPR privacy regulations which will come into effect on May 25 in the European Union. Privacy on the internet is becoming an increasingly important subject, and it speaks for itself that we at the New Order of Druids value your privacy as well.
In order to ensure that your privacy is held to the new and higher standards of GDPR, we have updated our Privacy Policy, which can be found on our website at this link:
So what changes?
Nothing much. Over the past few years, we had already implemented additional security measures and privacy compliances. For example, we have implemented an SSL-certificate for a more secure https internet connection for anyone who visits our main website. We have also already implemented the possibility for members to request their account to be deleted. What did change is that we have cemented this further into our Privacy Policy.
The Privacy Policy may seem a very boring and technical text to you, but here are some key points you should know in relation to your privacy on our website:
- We never sell any of your information to advertisers or other companies! Any information you provide about yourself, is solely intended for the use of the services our website has to offer.
- The information we have of you is the information you provide us in your profile. You can access this by going to your profile and/or account settings on the website. You can now also access a page that lists all of your personal data, by going to My Wall > Account Settings (hover) > My Personal Data Overview. The button "Save this page", at the bottom allows you to download your information in PDF format.
- You can also change or remove the information in your profile at any time, which means that you are in full control of what information you want to share. Additionally, you will find extensive privacy settings in your profile, allowing you to control which information is or isn't visible to which other members. In all cases, profiles are never visible to non-members.
All this was already available to you prior to today, and it will stay like this in order to keep your privacy safe.  In the future, we hope to automate some of the procedures that are currently still handled manually.
So what do you need to do?
If you still agree with our Privacy Policy, you don't need to do anything. Your account will remain available and active. By continuing to use the services of our website, you automatically agree to our updated Privacy Policy.
If, however, you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, you can ask us to have your account removed. Instructions on how to request an account deletion can be found here (make sure you are logged in first before clicking the link):
Or go to My Wall > Account Settings (hover) > Delete My Account.
We hope that we have properly informed you about the changes to our Privacy Policy, and we hope you will continue to enjoy our website - knowing that your privacy is safe with us.
New Order of Druids

Free Celtic Greeting Card Service

Thursday, 21 September 2017

NOD offers a Free Celtic E-Card Service. The software has recently been renewed and now offers more than 70 e-cards. Check out this link:

King Arthur and the
Gods of the Round Table

Ever wondered if the legends of King Arthur, and the knights and ladies of Camelot, were based on the myths and legends of the Celts, or even on the Germanic and Greek ones? 

King Arthur and the Gods of the Round Table

This book will not only offer an indepth search of parallels between the Arthurian and Celtic legends, but also searches for the pagan symbolism hidden within the many medieval stories of the King of Camelot.

This book can be purchased at the link below:



You can help us to
support the Earth!

For each member that pays for an upgraded membership, the New Order of Druids will automatically donate 5 € to the Nature Conservancy @ in order to preserve nature and life all around the world! By upgrading your account, you do not only support us, but also the Earth!


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