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Ovaten Jongerencursus + boek nu in het Nederlands beschikbaar!

We zijn verheugd te mogen aankondigen dat de Ovaten Jongerencursus (Ovate Youth Course) vanaf heden ook beschikbaar is in het Nederlands!

Deze cursus volgt op de Bardische Jongerencursus (Bardic Youth Course), die reeds verschillende jaren in het Nederlands beschikbaar was. Je dient deze cursus eerst voltooid te hebben om toegang te krijgen tot de Ovaten Jongerencursus. Indien je de Bardische Jongerencursus reeds voltooid had, en je wil je graag inschrijven voor de Ovaten Jongerencursus, dan vind je de toegangssleutel hiervoor in de laatste lessenblok van de voltooide cursus in de Druïdenschool. Indien je hier geen toegang (meer) toe hebt, of je hebt deze cursus langer geleden voltooid in de vorige versie van de software, neem dan contact op met de College Coordinator. Deze zal dan nagaan of je de cursus inderdaad hebt voltooid, en zoja, je de toegangssleutel voor de Ovaten Jongerencursus doorsturen.

Je kan de Nederlandstalige cursus terugvinden door naar het menu "Druïdenschool" te gaan, en vervolgens door te klikken naar de lijst van Nederlandstalige cursussen. Toegang tot deze cursus is gratis voor alle leden, inclusief mentor. De cursus is gericht op kinderen en jongeren, maar is ook beschikbaar voor volwassenen.

Tevens is de Nederlandstalige cursus ook beschikbaar in boekvorm, met de titel "Wandelen met Bomen". Het is niet verplicht dit boek aan te kopen om de cursus te kunnen volgen, en het is evenmin verplicht de cursus te volgen om het boek te kunnen kopen. Dit boek is beschikbaar op onze online boekenshop aan de prijs van € 12 (excl. verzendkosten).

Je kan het boek aankopen via deze link:

Het boek is tevens verkrijgbaar op de maandelijkse bijeenkomsten van de Nervii Nemeton te Antwerpen. Dit tevens aan dezelfde prijs van 12 €. Het agenda van de bijeenkomsten vind je op deze website:

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Website now mobile-friendly

Monday, 10 June 2019

The website of the New Order of Druids has now been optimized for mobile access. This means that visitors who want to access our website using a smartphone, will be able to navigate and use the website in a much more user-friendly way. When accessing the website on a smartphone, you will automatically be redirected to and to the mobile layout of the website. At the very bottom of every page, you will find a link to switch to "desktop version" in case the regular layout of our website works better on your device.

Most of the website's functionality is now also available on the mobile version, including account registration, profile, activity wall, and so on. Other parts of the website, such as the forums, private messages and the college, are also accessible on a smartphone, although the display may not be optimal at all times. Depending on which part of the website you are trying to access, it may be best to hold your mobile device horizontal, while other pages will be better viewed with your mobile device held vertically. If a page does not appear properly on your screen either way, it is recommended to access it on a regular laptop or desktop computer instead.

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NOD Nature Donation Fund

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Recently, there have been some changes in regards to the NOD Nature Donation Fund. This fund was created in 2010 with the aim of gathering funds based on the amount of upgraded membership payments we receive. For every upgraded membership, we set aside 5 € (per year) which is then added to the fund once a year. The fund's beneficiary is The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit organisation active all over the world with preserving life and nature.

Recently, The Nature Conservancy has discontinued their "personal fundraiser pages", which means NOD's fundraiser page was removed as well. While we regret this decision of TNC, it does not affect our fundraising and donations to their nature preserving efforts. However, we like to maintain some transparancy as to our Nature Donation Fund. Since it is no longer possible to track our annual donations on the personal fundraiser page, we have decided to set up a page of our own, on our own website. You can now find all information about the NOD Nature Donation Fund at this link, where we provide a list of our yearly donations - from 2011 until now - in both USD and EUR. The page also contains a donation button for those who want to make a direct donation to The Nature Conservancy. This page will be updated every year when a new donation has been made by NOD.

Website issues resolved

Friday, 14 September 2018

In the past week, the website has been experiencing problems with logging in, incorrect password resets and frequently timing out.

We are happy to announce that these issues have finally been resolved now, and everything should be working normally again.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Website downtime problems

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The website is currently experiencing frequent downtime issues, which often result into a 503 timeout error when e.g. trying to login to your account, use the "forgot password" function or some other parts of the website.

We are working with our server provider and are trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible. If you expierence issues with the website, feel free to try again at a later time. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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Monday, 02 July 2018

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Thank you for your understanding.

King Arthur and the
Gods of the Round Table

Ever wondered if the legends of King Arthur, and the knights and ladies of Camelot, were based on the myths and legends of the Celts, or even on the Germanic and Greek ones? 

King Arthur and the Gods of the Round Table

This book will not only offer an indepth search of parallels between the Arthurian and Celtic legends, but also searches for the pagan symbolism hidden within the many medieval stories of the King of Camelot.

This book can be purchased at the link below:



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